Secret Eclectic’s Top-50 songs of 2020!

During 2020 Secret Eclectic has hosted a plethora of artists in the categories of Interviews, Reviews, Songs for Change and Art. As this year draws to an end, we are proud to present the Secret Eclectic Top – 50 songs for 2020. This list represents the editor’s choices after having carefully listened to all the songs that Secret Eclectic has featured in its platform. Making a list of 50 songs that includes songs from a range of genres and caters to diverse musical preferences has not been a piece of cake. At the same time though, it gave us the pleasure to listen and remember so many of the delightful tracks we had published.

Secret Eclectic is devoted to discovering and promoting emerging acts or people, sometimes outside of the mainstream, who – we feel- deserve more recognition. Below you can enjoy our 3 hour and 9 minutes playlist and you can also find the links to the individual reviews and interviews, so you can learn more about each track and its creator. It is our hope that by the time you have finished listening to this list, you will have found at least one more song to play on repeat and that you will have discovered at least one artist that you didn’t even know existed before.

We are proud of each and every song we have ever featured, here in Secret Eclectic. Our Top-50 playlist but the website too has lots of hidden gems worthy of your attention. After all, it’s always cool to say ‘I knew them before they were famous’ πŸ˜‰

We wish you a happy New Year, full of health, solidarity, brand new experiences and flowing creativity!

Songs have been placed thematically and not in order of preference.

  1. ForΓͺt Noire – Circular Birds
  2. Beau Diako – Animal
  3. Ethan French – Tell Me
  4. Mullally – Vibe
  5. GRAACE – You Do You
  6. Harrison Kipner – Stutter (World Ends)
  7. Teddi Gold x Ft. Mi$HNRZ – Bossa Nova Baby
  8. DYLN – Shower
  9. Ross Quinn – Away With Me
  10. thomTide – redBrocket
  11. Kosmo Sound – Teddy Dub
  12. Bastien Keb – Street Clams
  13. TWYN – Jellyfish
  14. Prizm Wizard – Sandstone Labyrinth
  16. APHTA – Indra Net
  17. Umgido – Vaya Vaya
  18. Tomode – Autostrada
  19. Rey Pila – Casting A Shadow
  20. Goan Dogs – Zombies
  21. The Indigo – Dizzy
  22. M A N E – Portals (Iteration #2)
  23. Hauskey – Slow
  24. Goodboy// – Favorite State
  25. Tablefox – Desire or Love
  26. Dr. BΓ¦r – The Day I Invented Rain
  27. nug – Beast / Π—Π²Ρ–Ρ€
  28. Flagman – Problems
  29. The F-use – For the Love of God
  30. Melpo Mene – Once Had It All
  31. vern matz – Mall of America
  32. Harpo Milk – Always A Party
  33. 5K HD – Justice
  34. Gabrielle Current – Sun Will Find You
  35. Michelle Daly – In My Dreams
  36. Emily Sage – Cold Moon by the sea
  37. Samplehound – Together, pt.5
  38. Adriano Koch – Brief
  39. Martin Rott – Kinetic Theory
  40. Monsieur MΓ‚LΓ‚ – MISEMO
  41. GRP – Storm
  42. Immortal Onion – Triggers
  43. Maliki – Consortium
  44. Moonfish – Drop of Water
  45. Drunken Masters x Serious Klein – Everyday Thursday
  46. Jr. Rhodes – PICK DA PEN UP!
  47. The Dutchess – Tsunami
  48. Rosie Monday – Party by Myself
  49. Carolina Waves – BLACK AF feat. Lena Jackson, 2FLY KNG, Tagem, Jooselord
  50. Capital Ode – Dire Times (Together, We In)

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