‘Vibe’ by Mullally

Two chords Ultra-catchy Eclecticism (and a Cowbell)

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Zesty, soulful pop 

  • What is your creative process?

I think as you develop as a musician, your process widens or narrows. You can either head towards being able to write in any situation or only when alone, and this differs from artist to artist. 

My creative process is just being involved with music, as soon as I hear that first chord or rhythm my brain starts creating ideas. I don’t mind how many people are working on the songs and I don’t mind where we’re doing it, as long as we’re collecting 

  • Do you like the idea of collaborating? Is songwriting a lonely process?

I think for a lot of artists it can be, as songwriting can be so personal to each person. Some artist express directly through their words, where as some artist express just through the music. I am more of the latter, and so I often prefer collaboration when making music. I think it offers you more options in terms of where the song can go, and I also believe in using the support around you to get the best result. 

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

Hands down the Burna Boy African Giant album. I had a lot of friends work on the album, so I was interested to hear what it would sound like anyway. Everything from the instrument choices to the mix is just fantastic. The balance of the record is only beaten by how warm and authentic the sound of it is.

  • You have already played in iconic venues. What is your dream performance stage?

Pyramid stage, Glastonbury. That’s been my dream since I was about 16, and I’ve played Glastonbury a couple time before so seeing it in the flesh only further secured my dream in my mind.

  • If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would change the support that artist get for their mental health. Every artist I know suffers from issues with their mental health, due to the external nature of our jobs, and yet I don’t know anyone that works in mental health in the music industry. I think that needs to change, and the evidence can be seen in young artists and their reaction to fame. 

  • You have already been featured in Spotify editorial playlists. Is Spotify the music industry’s new Gatekeepers?

I think Spotify certainly hold a large bunch of keys, but I don’t know if they are the sole gatekeeper. To really and truly blow an artist up in this day and age there needs to be a rounded, comprehensive rise that covers many areas, not just playlists on one DSP. That being said, Spotify can really change someone’s life and career. I love the fact that they’re aware of that though, and they take every chance they can get to help artists, primarily break through and undiscovered.

  • Do you have an artist that you would describe as a hidden gem that we should know about?

I have several – I even live with two… Maxi Millz and Romel. Both wicked artist with their own very independent sound. I work with lots of wicked new artists; Montell Martin, Lubiana, Tré Qua, Molly Ashcroft to name a few. 

  • One last thing we should know about you?

Keep an eye out this year, as I’m about to drop music in a way I never have before.

  • Thanks Mullally!
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