Capital Ode – Dire Times (Together, We In)

Dire Times is a song that grabs your attention from the beginning. It combines a brilliant instrumental with some very conscious lyrics. Capital Ode raps has a relaxed manner when rapping. You could almost see him standing next to you in the pavement with his left hand raised and his finger pointing at the marching crowd, explaining something you see written on a banner.

In fact, this could be a pretty realistic scenario if you happen to be somewhere near New York, where he currently spends his time elevating the local rap community after having roamed around the country for a while. Capital Ode has grown around music and perhaps it is because of this that his songs (he has two albums out already!) make for some smooth listening.

It takes some talent for someone to achieve a nice flow without appearing as if they’re trying to hard. Capital Ode does that while sharing his views on some important social issues, without making the whole song fall heavy on you. Dire Times, with its simple but spot-on title highlights his mastery to the fullest.

As the Canadian artist has explained:

‘“Dire Times” is a song about accountability. The first verse is a call to action directed specifically at black men; urging them to do more in regard to standing up for black women.

The second verse is directed at straight, cis-gendered members of the black community; urging them to create space for black members of the LGBTQ community in their fights for equality and to also show up for them in theirs.’

Half of proceeds from “Dire Times” will go to ‘The National Black Women’s Justice Institute’, so please consider purchasing the song here.

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