Rosie Monday – Party by Myself [Review]

How easy is it to call for unity while practicing social distancing?  

“Party by Myself” is the latest cut by Rosie Monday. Hailing from Toronto, she delivers her signature hypnotic and in your face flow. The rapper teams up with D. Sisko who produced a hard-hitting trap oriented beat with some gut-punching 808s, a pure banger! And she rides that beat in the same apparent style these young native Siargao surfers ride the cloud 9 waves.

Rosie Monday is so fire compared to the average, she can party by herself. If you wanna join the party, show her some respect and you may be among the lucky ones who get an invitation. This is definitely a must-listen. Watch in the video clip below, her intriguing performance that takes place in her family owned Supermarket.

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