GRAACE – You Do You [Review]

I know that the Club scene might seem like a distant memory at the moment but for a moment (or to be precise for 2.56′) use this song for some much needed escapism!

You Do You is the name of the latest single by the 22 year old, Graace, who is hailing from Australia. It ‘s the definition of a cool song with a funky groove and a smooth vocal delivery. It’s sweet and exactly what the doctor has prescribed to take your mind of things.

Equipped with a classical piano education and lots of inspiration, Graace released her debut EP ‘Self Sabotage’ in 2018 and since then has caught the attention of music lovers with a combination of dance/pop hits.

How do I feel about the clip? It didn’t knock me off my feet BUT i don’t hate it. In fact, I like that it’s not unrealistically fancy, unnecessarily sparkly and totally relates with the title. On second thought.. I actually like it.

Give it a listen below!


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