Swedish gems for your ears only | An Interview with Tomode

  • Describe your sound in three words

Lush, dynamic and joyful.

  • Now tell us more about these three words and how you connect to them

As a bottom line we always try to work with the mantra “Good times are not dead”, meaning that the timeless, joyous feelings of old disco and pop records hold a place in our sound and in music today. From the perspective of songwriting we try to make sure that every one of our tracks evoke some form of strong emotion, the basic color of our palette being happiness – be it through an uplifting chord progression, hopeful lyrics or just a nice, groovy hook. In order to access those feelings we – on a production level – aim for lush and dynamic sounds, lines and structures which we trace back to those tracks that inspired us.

  • How did Tomode come to life?

It was the fateful meeting of two music lovers and a dog. Through our high school years and beyond we played together in a bigger band which was a real blast. The repertoire consisted of long, vibing instrumental jams with loads of funk influences with some vocals thrown in here and there just out of necessity. In order to focus down the songwriting as well as getting to know the production side of things we really needed to sit down and put in the hours. After a while we realized that the other band members had gone off to medical school or were working in the concrete business while we were still just spending the time we had in the studio – in the end it was just us left basically. Then Vigg (Carl’s dog) came along and lit the fire in our hearts. Since then it’s been a non-stop boogie train to wonderland.

  • Is “Nu-disco” in your opinion “Disco” produced with newer technology? Or is it something more?

That’s a good question! Of course newer technologies will result in music evolving – innovative sounds and structures as well as the French Touch-phenomenon (Breakbot, Daft Punk, Justice and so many more) have been really defining for Nu Disco. On the one hand, the genre is about harnessing the pure joy and emotion of the disco movement through modern means, but perhaps it’s also a way of introducing other genres and crossover elements into an otherwise classic sound. For us it’s just a no holds barred paradise of influences and wonderful production.

  • Will the new year bring an EP or an album?

Damn right. Since we released our debut and now our sophomore single a lot of good things have happened. Currently we’re looking at dropping our EP in March.

  • What would be your dream collaboration?

Phil Collins on drums and a vocal feature from Benny Sings! On the production-side it would have to be Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire) or a guitar solo from Jay Graydon (Steely Dan and many more). Wouldn’t mind a verse or two from Stevie Nicks either.

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

Gotta go with Pleasure Line with Video Age or Mr. Experience with our favourite moustache man Donny Benét.

  • What would Vigg say about the two of you if he could speak?

”Show me the money.”

Thank you!

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