Tablefox – Desire or Love [Review]

You start the day off badly. You get the wrong appointment date and then you miss your stop, the next train won’t come for another 10′. You sit down, waiting while trying to get your schedules right – eyes fixed straight on the phone typing like a maniac. You’re thinking if you sanitized your phone today… F*ck when is this pandemic going to finally leave us alone? You put your earphones on for some distraction and you get off the street and start walking, the heat is unbearable. At some point you stop to cross the road and then in the midst of the cars and the fumes and the bad mood “Desire or Love” by Tablefox (what a weirdly cool name btw) coming up. Movement, this song sparks absolute movement. Suddenly you feel as if you can make a U turn and go back, rewind back to the start of the day or fast forward to the next one and start again right. You hear these guitars at 2.26′ to compliment the vocals in such a majestic way, this boosts you with the energy you need. Have an ice-cream for today but Tablefox’s forthcoming album will be the real treat. For this I’m sure.

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