Hauskey – Slow [Review]

This just in and I am seriously trying to understand whether we are talking about a ‘know me better’ or an apology song. If it is the former, then ‘Slow’ it is only perfect debut single to introduce the Australian wizard, Andy Hopkins aka Hauskey. If it is the latter, well, just forgive the boy already whoever you are!

Jokes aside, this is a song with numerous qualities: I’m sure you will agree that we are talking about an extremely radio friendly, catchy and vibrant track. Andy’s vocals and tone is so lightweight and sexy that immediately turn it into an addictive tune. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the ideal first single. Attention has been paid to details, it is easy to listen but not shallow and how could it ever be shallow when Hauskey carries so many years of expertise and talent in his back, way too much to make something simplistic.

No, no ‘Slow’ is your go to Indie- Pop, all -day song. Whether you want to begin your day cheerfully or dance in the bar on a Tuesday night. And in case you were wondering how to approach this colleague of yours -you know the one you always sneak out for a smoke with- why not start a conversation about this awesome release?

Check it below!

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