“Silence is not an option” | An Interview with 5K HD

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

cinematic, fluid, playfully brute

  • Your music is dense and multilayered. You also incorporate electronic elements. Do you consider it a challenge to perform your music live, while you are still on the composing/arrangement stage?

Not at all. Playing life is usually inspiring us very much to change our approaches, because we get so easily bored.So whenever we decided to go one way in one song we often choose the opposite in another (new) one, just to see what would happen.

  • How is your progress as a music band reflected in the two albums you have released? What should we expect the next one to be about?

That we are about to find out ourselves.It’s a journey and we are only at the beginning of it.Mira’s lyrics are often about heartache and mental health, always considering her surrounding, society, communities. We released a couple of singles this year (during and after the lock down) which are very different from one another. They are messages of general hope, but also urgency to act.What we all are trying to figure out is our part in history, on this earth. We find ourselves complicit in the state the world is in, right now.Silence is not an option. So as a band from a rich country, we at least want to reflect what we are doing, where and with whom.And that is going to be part of all our upcoming music.

  • You use English in your songs. Is language a barrier in music?

Hm, No.To us, English is like a colour, like paint. We all use English almost like a second native language. 

  • What is your favourite venue you have ever performed? Can you share something funny that happened during one of your gigs? And what would be your dream performance venue?

Last fall, during our album tour we performed at Le Botanique in Brussels. It’s so so beautiful there.Also every mountain top, lake-stage (we have some of those in Austria:) and outdoor venue with a few is just a privilege. 

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

Assume Form (James Blake), Designer (Aldus Harding), Fetch the Bolt Cutters (Fiona Apple) and such

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

Haha. First we need to abolish capitalism.

  • Something that we do not already know about you?

We are an open book! 

  • Thank you!

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