For the Love of God | The F-use

  • Talk to us about The F-use. How did it start and where is it going?

The F-use started around middle school when I first started writing music. I had recorded some songs and wanted to put them on YouTube but after no luck of coming up with a name, my mom actually came up with The F-use. It was meant to essentially be “The F*** You’s”, and I wanted to change it with this release, but the name has stuck around for so long I’ve decided to just roll with it. It started with me recording on a dinky 4-track recorder; playing drums first while singing the song in my head, then adding guitar, bass, and vocals afterwards. I lived in a small town in North Carolina, so there weren’t many people who wanted to play music, let alone rock, so I taught myself all of the instruments and kept on it. Fast forward to now, I’m about to turn 23 and I still have the same structure, just trying to improve every day. I have my first album coming out October 23rd, where I wrote and played everything as well as having a hand in the post-production. My shoot-for-the-stars goal is to get signed for an album or two, but as of now I’m gearing up to start working on more releases after the album! 

  • Describe your sound in three words.

Aggressive, melodic, refreshing. My alternative would be: Inspired by coffee.

  • Dream venue to perform live. You can have two if you want.

A packed Wembley Stadium with a rotating stage sounds pretty dreamy to me. On the other hand, I would be just as happy playing a packed dive-bar any day of the week. 

  • Dream collaboration?

I might need a new pair of pants thinking about making a song (or even jamming) with Dave Grohl.

  • Your favorite guitar riff, if you had to choose one.

It’s got to be I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by The Beatles hands down. 

  • Rock music is not at its peak at the moment, as Hip Hop has gained enormous popularity over the last decade. How do you think rock can manage to bounce back soon?

I honestly think rock and hip hop are pretty close when you think about it, at least in terms of energy and emotion. Rock and hip hop seem to be the most acceptable genres that both “go hard” and allow the artist to be vulnerable at the same time. They both have the desire to be heard. Besides that, I think rock should be more raw these days. Rock doesn’t feel as authentic or energetic to me personally, so it doesn’t really do it for me past a first or second listen. In light of the past few years I think the world needs both rock and hip hop anyways; something to get the aggression and pent up anger out. 

  • Your song ‘For the Love of God’ talks about how you dealt with the pandemic during the quarantine. How would you describe the situation at the moment and how does it affect your energy to create music?

While I don’t feel as isolated and desperate to be heard anymore, the rawness and energy of the song still gets me excited every time I listen to it. I feel like every 20 or so songs that I write, the next one is just so above the rest, and then that song becomes the standard for the next batch. ‘For the Love of God’ is definitely that one song. 

  • What’s the secret to maintaining your facial hair? We won’t tell anyone!

Brushing it once a day, rubbing in beard oil, and trimming it every few days keeps it healthy and looking *chefs kiss* sexy. You’d be surprised how much effort it has taken me to stay groomed during quarantine. 

  • Thank you!

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