Cataclyzm. An interview with Prizm Wizard.

Who: Ren Nelson aka Prizm Wizard
Sound: Dreamy chord progressions. Bass driven, Soulful, Organic Electronica
File next to: Flying Lotus, Teebs

  • Please introduce yourself

I’m a bassist and producer currently based in Japan, also teaching English as my side hustle. Everything I do is a side hustle actually, even did some modeling for a down jacket company, though I’m definitely not great modeling material. Just happened to be the only foreigner around.  I live in a small city called Hikone which is famous for this 400 year old samurai castle and borders the largest lake in Japan. When I’m not working on music I like escaping to the mountains and trail running. That’s where I feel I can truly be myself.  

  • Which album brought you to Electronika?

I don’t think it was necessarily one album that brought me to electronic music, but rather a person. When I was a teenager I used to help my uncle out with his sunglass business. When I was doing quality control, he’d always be listening to stuff from Ninja Tune and Warp, and through him I discovered a lot of artists like Amon Tobin and Squarepusher. If it wasn’t for that I might not have gotten into electronic music.

  • Do you think there is a true underground sound today?

If by underground you mean in contrast to the main stream pop music, then yes definitely. I think now more than ever the underground scene has been liberated with the change of the music industry and the way people interact with music. All sorts of crazy and obscure music is coming to the surface. 

  • Electronika and live performance.Is there a golden rule? Do you think that some parts should be pre recorded? Or is it ok to compromise your sound but play live? 

Personally I enjoy acts that find a happy medium between the two. A few years back I saw Bonobo play at Fujirock Festival here in Japan, and I think he’s found that medium. Also saw Aphex Twin at that same festival and I think he’s found that medium in a different way. With my own performance, I like to have control over my sound, but also have room for improvisation and spontaneity. But in the end there’s no rules and artists are constantly redefining what live performance is. 

  • Do you like the idea of collaborating? What is the most challenging part of letting others into your creative process?

 Collaboration is a great way to get outside of my own head and generate new ideas. As a bassist, I’ve done a lot of work where I’m helping the artist to realize their own vision, and I really enjoy that. I don’t necessarily feel challenged or burdened by letting others into my creative process because they bring their own skill sets into the project and give it a whole new life that I couldn’t have done on my own.

  • What does success mean for you going forward?

Success to me means having the freedom to devote my time to the things I love, and being part of a supportive creative community that constantly inspires me to be a better person. 

  • One last thing we should know about you?

Not much else to say about myself, but if anyone reading this feels inclined to check out more of what I do, feel free to add  me on insta or FB. I usually post news of my new stuff through there.

  • Thank you Ren!
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