Bastien Keb – Street Clams [Review]

Press play. Have you felt the ethio jazz feeling yet? Street Clams is the latest tune by Bastien Keb, a 3 min work guaranteed to hypnotise the listener.  Idiosyncratic and complex the song has a peculiar quality. Pan fully left to hear the Clavinet and Hammond Wah Wah groove. Then switch to fully right if you like to hear the vibraphone melodic lines. Now go back in the center and listen to both of them simultaneously. Re-psychedelicized. 

If you were imagining opening for Gaslamp Killer and you were looking for your last track, Bastien Keb just got you covered. And we promise, GLK will come and ask you its title. If it is not on his set already.

Bastien Keb’s upcoming full album ‘The Killing of Eugene Peeps’ will be available on the 9th October. We are already psyched!

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