Kosmo Sound – Teddy Dub [Review]

If only I was aware of the existence of Kosmo Sound last year and my two day trip in Belgium would have been so different. This is a post to introduce them to you so you don’t repeat my mistakes and that you’ll make sure to go to their gigs, when in the city.

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Which city is that? The band is based in Ghent and just because I didn’t know them doesn’t mean they’re new in town. On the contrary, Kosmo Sound, which was created by Mattias Geernaert and Marius Couvreur but was later enhanced with four more members (Ambroos De Schepper, Cyriel Vandenabeele, Edmund Lauret and Bos Debusscher) has already an EP out. Now they released their debut album named ‘Antenna‘ containing nine songs, the third of which is ‘Teddy Dub’.

I recommend that you listen to the full album which I would characterise as the sound of the weekend. It’s chill as every Friday afternoon should be but it’s also energetic as the weekend evening’s are supposed to be. About ‘Teddy Dub’, probably the most addictive dub riff you will hear this year. As any original dub track made to impress, it contains a hypnotic bassline which grabs you firmly and requires our full attention.

More about Kosmo Sound here!

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