An Interview with Dr. Bær

Dr. Bær put us into a state of pitch-black emotional turmoil. With claustrophobic melodies and savage, in your face sound they make you feel like you are in front of massive walls of amps.

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Brutal, Special, Unnerving.

  • What is the story behind your name?

It is based on a misspelling on a sheet we wrote in the band`s early days. After some research about the name we found out that there’s no band with that name, only a gay massage salon in Thailand and some real doctors, one of them being a female gynaecologist in Freiburg (our own city!). That caused some amusement so we decided to stick with it. Also it combines some metal typical imagery with a humoristic element which is true for us as a band too so it fits pretty well

  • Which artists have been most influential for you, as a band and as individuals?

Creed, Rise Against, Tool, Meshuggah & Opeth

  • Your sound is very heavy but you also write great melodies. What’s more important? The song, or heaviness. Tell us a few things about your creative process.

Whatever fits the message and meaning of the song. In some cases the melodies are less important than the heaviness, sometimes it is the other way round.

  • What would be your dream performance venue?

Large Festivals in general (preferably with a late night slot)

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? 

The importance of social media cannot be overlooked. This works simultaneously as both a boon and a bane. The industry has always been about the people involved rather than an intangible construct. The primary difference is that artists these days have a lot more to pay attention to than writing and promoting their music. That being said, personally, I would promote independent labels that have rosters of a variety of music styles which would create more chances for younger, newer and more underground bands.

  • Is Spotify the music industry’s new Gatekeepers?

It is definitely convenient to have a service that streams a huge number of songs in your pocket and on your person at all times. I don’t really like to use the word “Gatekeeper” here as this implies a selective access to music. That being said, Spotify is definitely more than just a trend and is infinitely useful to both the industry and listeners. I do believe that good music always wants to be heard.

  • One last thing we should know about you?

We’re probably the only metal band in the world that has a teddy bear (his name is Constantine) on stage!

  • Thank you Dr. Bær

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