Melpo Mene – Once Had It All [Review]

Hearing this song makes me wonder if the artist really cared if anyone related with his work.

I mean, of course every artist would be happy to hear that their work is appreciated and that people not only get the message but also find the space to apply their own messages. That is not what I mean.

In my mind, hearing Once Had It All leaves no space for contesting its value. The song is a beautiful piece of art. It is a song of high quality that I would find strange if someone said ‘it leaves me completely indifferent’. My real question is, was it a song that was written so that the artist, Melpo Mene, could connect with people or was it a song that simply had to exist because it couldn’t be done otherwise?

Let me explain myself.

Once Had It All is so much more than what someone would describe as ‘a deep song’. It seems like a song that is the outcome of a strong and long process of inner thinking and discussion with one’s self and usually once you have been through such a process then it feels imperative to make the outcomes known. As if exposing them is crucial so that you have some relief. Even if no one cares to listen.

To me-and this is purely subjective of course – Once Had It All is a song which reveals the curiosity and eagerness of the Swedish artist. It is not merely a relatable song it is as if Melpo Mene sits right in front of you, talks to you softly and by the time the music stops, you feel as if you have taken a stroll inside the paths of his mind.

Accept this challenge, see where it takes you.

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