Immortal Onion – Triggers [Review]

You know how difficult it is to come up with a name that will make your brand stand out. It has too be funny but not an inside joke that only a few will understand, it helps if it’s a bit mysterious but then you have to think if it matches the music you make, it’s always good to be clever but you’ll ask ‘what qualifies as clever’? It should be memorable and definitely something that will be trendy next year (so the opposite of the word ‘trendy’). Like this is so easy right? Well, I am happy to present the band who found the recipe.

Dear readers, meet the ‘Immortal Onion’ and ‘Immortal Onion’ meet our readers! I’m sure you’ll be happy you found one another!

I might have started from the imaginative name, but the well-known band is certainly famous for much more than this! The Immortal Onion is an instrumental jazz trio from Poland founded in 2016 by Ziemowit Klimek (double bass / bass guitar / electronics), Tomir Śpiołek (grand piano / e-piano ) and Wojtek Warmijak (drums).

The EP ‘Ausfahrt XD’ is their fourth album. At first, ‘Ausfahrt XD‘ seems like the instrumental music you would choose to play while you work. Lovely to listen but not to distracting. After a while though, it becomes clear that this scenario would never work simply because the sound demands your full attention as in lie down the couch away from any screen and just focus on what comes out of your speakerphones.

If you ask me, in a period when people have forgotten what they were listening as soon as they’ve moved on to the next hit, to make an instrumental album that will keep someone listening till the end, is quite a achievement. The ‘Immortal Onion’ have done this and I believe that it is the skilful blending of genres such as Jazz, electronic music, Fusion and progressive metal that make than happen.

‘Triggers’ is the second song in an 8 track album. It is characterised by a vibrantly evolving groove and imaginative piano riffs which are blended skilfully with complicated rhythmical patterns. Hints of electronics are also found in this tight production which should be praised for its creative arrangement.

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