Flagman – Problems

Flagman, the alt rock/metal band from Orlando, Florida, released their new track called “Problems”. Written in D# minor, it is a track full of rage that would make you start headbanging before even knowing it. Using a standard setup with Cody Singleton on Guitar and vocals, Sam Stewart on bass and vocals and Grant Freeman on Drums the trio creates a multilayered sound where the numerous riffs of incredible quality and the constant change of rhythmic patterns and moods are guaranteed to get you a 4 mins eargasm. Its harmony is based on the tritone, the diabolic internal that was once banned because of its dissonant quality. Imagine the eclectic sound of Faith No More mixed with the anger of King 810 in a track produced by Josh Homme. It is that dangerous! Theme wise we will leave the band talk for themselves below.

“When the song was written nearly 2 years ago, I obviously had no idea of the state in which we would find our country upon its release, and in the face of massive injustice, systemic racism, and police brutality, that responsibility can no longer be deferred. We cannot turn a deaf ear to the cries of suffering. The time is here and now. Be an instrument of change.”  

– Sam and the Flagboiz


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