Martin Rott – Circles (EP) [Review]

It was not long ago when we presented to you Martin Rott’s single “Acapulco” (you can read more about it here) stating emphatically that we eagerly anticipate his 5-track EP “Circles” that just got released.

Piano seems to be the common denominator in the 5 tracks. Its tone differs though between the tracks as the listener can hear a muted sound in “Dawn” and a crystal clear one in “Circles”. Beats in the tracks are beautifully crafted and vary in tempo and vibe. For example “Stories” tense rhythm section keeps the listener on his/her toes while “Bubblegum Business” has a more chilled mood. Each track feels original and has its own identity but the listener can still detect some similarities and a kind of pattern. Having said that, in most cases the main theme is presented by the keys using a minimal arrangement. In the bridge that follows the focus is on the strings. In this part it is worth mentioning Martin’s prowess to arrange strings in a way a Maestro could admire. Finally the main theme comes back, this time using a richer arrangement that helps the melodies flourish. An exciting electronic music debut album. Listen below!

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