Montrell – Aqua [Review]

Let’s start with the obvious. Montrell’s ‘Aqua’ has a great music video, one that is well produced and very engaging. In only 3.37′ there is a whole story unfolding in front of your eyes and this story is accompanied by the ideal sound. Or vice versa.

After watching for the first time I scrolled down and gave it a second round of listening without looking at the clip as a way to test how I felt about the sound alone. The London based band has put together something interesting here.

Firstly, it’s the vocals which although calm they are indeed hurting you. I don’t mean it in the ‘it hurts my ears’ way, but rather in the ‘speaking directly to my soul’ sense. The retro aesthetic and the mellow guitar driven sound, beatifully minimal, dresses the lyrics perfectly. Despite ‘Aqua’ being a slow song, there is definitely movement there. As there is underwater, as there is in life.

Dive in!

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