Martin Rott – Acapulco

US-Born, Berlin resident composer and multi-instrumentalist Martin Rott released his new single called “Acapulco”. In this mid tempo track, Martin combines a plethora of synth sounds, that sound very warm and organic, with a string section. There are no vocals, just a spoken word sample that fits perfectly with the whole vibe. The song’s chord progression is beautifully simple while the admirable monophonic melody fills the room with an atmosphere of tension. Imagine the melancholic melodies of Nosaj Thing on a Röyksopp produced track.

It’s drizzling. You are listening to Acapulco while looking out the window people passing by at night time. It is late but the road is still busy. Roads are meant to take you somewhere. Sometimes good music is all you need to transform your view into a film scene.

His 5-track EP “Circles“ to be released by August 2020. Personally we eagerly anticipate it.


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