Brodsky – Eyelash ft. Siafa [Review]

You know how fashion moves in circles. I remember back when I was a student and something ‘new’ was hip my mom would usually say ‘oh, we used to wear this when I was young. Can’t believe it’s in fashion again’. Well, I finally got to say the same now that ’90s are trendy again (yes, I used the word trendy).

Some people think that fashion is just about clothes but this is just not true. When we say that the ’90s are back on this means the whole lifestyle and naturally that includes music.

‘Eyelash’ is the artistic baby of UK music producer Brodsky and Greek artist Siafa which was released last month. It is a song full of ’90’s aesthetics and to those who can read and understand Greek, I think it immediately brings the electro – dance band ‘Mikro’ in mind.

It is a bold move to write/sing lyrics in Greek but also a refreshing change when it comes to the Greek dance scene at least. It also shows that the duo is confident enough that sound will be enough to lure the non- Greek audience and keep them hooked even if they have no idea what the hell the song is talking about. They are right to believe this. Eyelash has a positive, cheerful vibe and the music video is totally supportive of this mindset. It’s simple but really authentic and joyful. And did you notice? These two dance and it’s been too long since I’ve seen people dancing and having a carefree time, probably since that time when I was that young 😉

Check Eyelash below!

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