Isaias Elpes – Lua [Review]

Los Angeles based Brazilian artist Isaias Elpes presents his latest work titled “Lua”. This is the 4th track in his new EP, an almost 20 minutes work also called Lua which was released on the 10th of July and contains instrumental music only. In this EP, we are encountered with the decision of this award-winning musician and composer, to reveal an intimate side of his. In this quite personal track we can identify a proximity to Brazilian music however this composition does not adopt a monothematic pattern, but it incorporates elements of classical music as well. Elpes combines a continuous guitar arpeggio that has a dominant role in the arrangement, a beautiful string section and a wind instrument. The outcome is a sweet, but with plenty of surprising intervals, melody, which denotes the song’s elegance and dynamism. The song is as light as needed to be enjoyed at home but at the same time it would not be surprising if we found out that it has been used as a soundtrack for the big screen. A solo guitar version of the track can be also found as the last track of the EP.

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