deryk – Call You Out

Born in the UK and now based in Auckland, rising artist deryk just released her single “Call You Out”. The song’s arrangement is minimal. An acoustic guitar is blended with a soft distant beat while in the chorus an extra layer of piano and the back vocals complete the puzzle. The dreamy and velvety vocals are placed in the centre of the song as deryk manages to deliver an emotional performance. Imagine the aesthetics of Portishead mixed with the sensual desire of Sabrina Claudio. An impressive debut album that makes us already counting down to her next move.

On the song, deryk says, “‘Call You Out’ is about the feeling you get when you’ve missed an opportunity to say something you felt you should have said or could have been said if you’d been quick enough. ‘I fucking wish I’d said that, fuck.’ There’s a shame and frustration that comes with not standing up for yourself or somebody else when you could have but you just froze, lost for words. You end up brewing for a few days, plotting, questioning whether to call them out, and that exact fury is what inspired the song.”

Video Directed, Filmed & Produced by Madeline Bradley.

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