McBaise x Muthi live – Paper Dress Vintage, London (In Pictures)

Here is the standard recipe for creating a Mcbaise’s TUBES track.

Start with a dreamy synth riff for an intro. Enrich the sound with an added tremolo chorused guitar layer. For a verse use the warmest detuned pads of your favorite synth. Detuned them a bit more. Add a nice and slow, tight acoustic beat together with a solid bass line. For the chorus, use the intro melody. 

Mcbaise’s music has this lovely Mac DeMarco hazy vibe. But with much more unconventional songwriting, exciting jazzy chords and super catchy riffs. Don’t get me wrong, music does not need to be complicated. Mcbaise themselves can also compose simple but effective sweet tracks. Listen for example to Submarine below. Simple but irresistibly beautiful. But listen also to Ball Pit below with this majestic riff. It is exactly this variety in their tunes that makes them one of the most exciting bands around.

The Mcbaise gig on Friday night was what we expected to be. Lazy atmosphere in the upstairs intimate small room of Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage. An early sold out in what proved to be a captivating Friday night. Support came from Muthi, a band with similar aesthetics, as the two bands do share many band members, in their first gig ever. Make sure to listen to their debut album Visions! We hope our photo story will make you a bit jealous and prompt you to follow the band and catch them live on their next tour. 

PS. Read our earlier review for Water Slide & Ball Pit here.

PSS. Did I tell you that Mcbess is also a great illustrator? More here!

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