Crayon x Tora x Gracy Hopkins – Misplaced [Review]

Say, you’re with me come back here
Go easy on me

Parisian multi-instrumentalist and producer Crayon teams up with Jo Lowenthal from indie band Tora and rapper Gracy Hopkins, for their new single titled Misplaced. 

The track has a James Blake feeling in which synth sounds with a megalholic vibe that come from, as the artist himself mentions a goto Prophet synth preset, are blended with an electronic beat and a very delicious trap infused pitched sub-bass line. Vocal delivery has a very wide range that goes from natural to heavily manipulated in a flash. The rap flow from Gracy Hopkins adds some extra variety in it. An emotional electronic neo soul tune which is showcasing the artist’s songwriting talent. Track comes with an eye-catching raw solo dance video clip. Enjoy below!

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