Mcbaise – Water Slide & Ball Pit [Review]

French -born and a London resident, Mcbaise is the artist you need to focus your energies right now!

Both songs hosted here, Water Slide and Ball Pit, are part of his new album, Tubes. A very consistent but never dull synthesis in which the listener can enjoy detuned synths with a retro essence wrapped in a dreaminess.

It is one of those times where I wish I could be inside the head of the artist, during their creative process. And how can I not be curious? Water Slides, McBaise writes, is a song dedicated to aquatic parks. There is a whole story behind that that I can only imagine. The experience, the surprise, the feelings he must have felt that created such a memorable impression. Well, even if we don’t know the details, I think the energy is communicated right there in the song. I am always excited to see that classic themes like nature and water, when taken up by creative minds, can still inspire music that is out of the ordinary and pleasantly unexpected.

Ball Pit and Water Slide are the smoothest introduction to the album as they showcase McBaise’s majestic songwriting with very original (and sometimes long) instrumental lines. However, in order to to appreciate his work in its entirety, you should take a dive and spend some time listening the whole album, which also features songs with a few fruitful collaborations. Need I say anything about the album’s artwork except that it would make a seriously cool wall poster? I think not. It speaks for itself, no?

Were you looking to find artists that totally worth it to support? You found one here!

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