Yuta Bantoh x Gretchen Parlato x BIGYUKI – All the Same [Review]

A song with that makes you wonder if it’s part of a musical you haven’t booked tickets for, yet. No, it’s not but it could have! Composed by Yûta Bandoh and dressed with the velvety vocals of Gretchen Parlato, who you might know from her participation in the soundtrack of the popular Japanese TV drama ”Dear Ex-Lovers”.

There is a strange balance achieved between the calming vocals and the energetic piano driven performance which creates an extremely positive atmosphere and gives the impression of a band that is smiling while playing for the audience sitting in round tables next to the stage. It really is a song that can be enjoyed almost any time during the day.

We would advise to wander around Yûta Bandoh’s website and have a listen at the many, many works of the Japanese artist, who is not only very talented but also very busy exploring new ideas and collaborations too! Satisfaction guaranteed!

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