Cap’n Marble – Optical Wealth [Review]

With the release of Songs for Ella we had an interview with the Californian artists who form Cap’ n Marble. Today, we present to the world their new single, Optical Wealth.

The feeling Optical Wealth gives you is hard to define. After listening to it many, many times, I have decided that this sound is a mix of spacey atmosphere brought together with memories from your grandparents’ house.

The beginning of the track resembles a futuristic film but then the music becomes more nostalgic and the light, soft vocals definitely remind you of simpler times. Very warm, saturated sound, exceptional songwriting and very controlled about creating a soundscape, Cap’n Marble is a duo with the potential to compete with the leading names in the recent Neo-Psychedelia Revival.

And while you thought that the Fox was an obsession of the British, this beautiful artwork proves you wrong!

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