‘any free time I have, I try to spend on music’ | Interview with Jan Jokinen

Distance is an progressive metal/Djazz track about the distance that we have been keeping from people and the effects of it. Once it gets into your head, it won’t be forgotten that easily and the absence of lyrics may have something to do with it.

Read our interview with the artist below.

Describe your sound in three words please!

Versatile, Cinematic, Progressive

Your song Distance inspired by the pandemic reflects the ‘calmness and rage’ and the effects of social distancing. How has this period been for you and how did you navigate it in terms of creativity but also everyday life?

Luckily I can always go to my home studio and start creating, so in music side of things the only negative has been that I haven’t been able to any gigs in a long time, hopefully that will change soon. On my main job however where I have to be interacting closely with my clients, there has been many obstacles, but luckily now that there isn’t that much restrictions thigs are starting to normalize.

Listening to Distance but also to other songs you have written such as Odd Times At Border Hill, shows that you have a tendency for cinematic music. If you had the possibility to make music for a film or series or a play, which one would it be?

Sci-Fi has always been my go to genre in movies and series. Especially music in Interstellar, Gravity, Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 have had a great impact on me. So if they will make a Blade Runner Sequel, that would be an awesome project to compose.

While you have been creating more for a long time, it is only recent that you decided to share it with a wider audience. So, tell us, firstly, what kept you from doing so earlier, or to rephrase it, what made you change your mind now and also what are your plans for the foreseeable future?

With so many years in different bands being a guitarist and a composer, you can only do so much. So I just felt ready, confident in my skills to produce quality music. I really wanted to do almost everything myself in my solo project. So when I felt sure about my mixing and mastering I gave myself a green light. Long overdue, but it’s never too late.
As of future plans. Now I’m making a new album, hopefully get to release it this fall. Also I’m making plans to get some composing projects for different types of media. A dream come true would be to compose for a film, series or a game.

What have been your main inspirations so far?

As a guitarist I have to say John Petrucci and Meshuggah. As a composer I have to say Hans Zimmer, Hans Zimmer and Hans Zimmer=) It’s incredible how you can make so much from a simple motif.

What is the one guitar riff you wish you had composed yourself?

Thats a tough one, there are so many. Perhaps that intro riff from Bleed by Meshuggah. It’s iconic, brutal and pretty damn hard to play.

What do you do during the day when you are not making music?

I also work as A Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Team Leader. So work takes a lot of time, but any free time I have, I try to spend on music. I think it’s really important take care of your body and mind, especially in music production where you sit in front of a computer many hours a day. So on my free time I tend to exercise a lot, go outside for a jog and of course see my friends. Healthy body and mind improves creativity.

Let’s talk about collaborations. Who would you like to partner with for a song where they would offer the vocals?

Devin Townsend all the way. That dude is a beast on vocals!

Thanks Jan!

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