The Algorithm – Interrupt Handler [Review]

I’ve never been one to spend many hours playing video games and at the risk of sounding like a true boomer I will resort to refer to what I know best… Formula One (OK kids, hush now!). Now, I kept crashing my car constantly but believe me that was only because I hadn’t the slightest idea how to control the bloody thing. That’s the problem with online, console games and the rest… I never paid attention to the game but I have always paid attention to the music. And I am sure you know already that not every song makes it there. So when I tell you that Interrupt Handler could easily be a soundtrack for a video game, you know that it is fire.

Imagine abducting a couple of metalheads, putting them in a room full of synthesizers and forcing them to write something that should have the energy of a The Prodigy song, one of them that justify their headline slot at the Download festival. Oh, and in the end sprinkle some synthwave vibes.

You can’t be The Algorithm, but you can sure as hell make it work for you!

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