TWYN – Eudaemonia [Review]

There is no point in denying that TWYN, the experimental duo from Miami, are among Secret Eclectic’s favourites. We have already had a review of ‘Never Thought About It, and an Interview when ‘Jellyfish’ was released, so it is only logical that we dedicate another post to review their EP as a whole.

The EP’s title is ‘Eudaemonia’ which in Greek means ‘living happily’. It is not simply a word though, but rather a whole concept which was developed by Aristotle and is related to the ‘good demon’, meaning the good force, the virtue human beings have. For Aristotle, eudaemonia was the ultimate goal. It is a perfect fit for TWYN’s album, which is described by the duo as a ‘musical narrative about struggles with addiction, escapism, and the journey to overcome them’. We’d argue that as long as we remember that we can never meet perfection but we can slowly and with support overcome anything we feel is blocking our way to a happy life.

Back to the good force of music now…

The EP is a mix of electronic sound partnered with dominant drum sections. You’ll love the imaginative music patterns with the extraordinary chord progressions and the state of the art arrangement. ‘Never Thought About It’ is the album’s intro song followed by their second track ‘Jellyfish’. ‘Jellyfish’ is characterised by a J Dilla influenced beat and melodic synth lines which build a mystical atmosphere. Their third song, ‘Good Wolf Bad Wolf, is downtempo and the only one vocal- driven and as a result, melody- driven, with heavily processed vocals. Coming up next, ‘Good Demon’ balances between nu jazz and electronica giving out a feeling that it was created by a Jazz-bassist mixed with early Chemical Brothers aesthetics. The endless motif of ‘Nostalgia’ with its minimal approach is the perfect concluding song of the EP.

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