TWYN – Never Thought About It [Review]

In our recent interview they described their sound as lush, experimental and futuristic. Believe us, they are not lying. If you have not already, make sure to read the interview here.

Coming from Miami, TWYN is an experimental duo made up of keyboardist Jason Matthews and drummer, vocalist Aaron Glueckaufi. “Never Thought About It” is their third single which sets the tone for their upcoming debut EP, “Eudaemonia.” The song opens with some delicious detuned keys that have an analogue warmth. The unusual melodic line, supported by the deep bass line, changes forms constantly throughout the song. The vocals add another layer in the track, which could also stand perfectly as an instrumental. The last piece of the  puzzle is filled by a busy, tense, live drum beat. Listen to the song below!

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