Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Jesse Lynn Madera feat. Matt Rollings [Review]

As you mark the days leading to Christmas in your advent calendar, we wanted to boost the joyful feeling with a Christmas Special review.

Undeniably, 2020 has been a weird, extremely difficult year and surely this Christmas will be different and let’s face it maybe a tad more miserable. There are still ways to preserve lots of the magic and some of these ways come at a low to zero cost. Music is one of these ways (putting up your Christmas lights is and always will be the first one though!)

Put on a Christmas playlist, make a WhatsApp call if you cannot meet physically, have a little talk with your beautiful flowers if you are alone (yes, this is a thing thank you very much). Embrace all of your feelings, good or challenging. These days should be for calmness, not overspending and forced smiles!

Our Christmas present to you does not come inside a box. We are giving you a song that we feel could be on the background on your precious moments (or simply your moments really). We are happy to present a re- imagined Christmas cover, not to replace the traditional, established ones (that would be unimaginable) but perhaps to freshen them up a bit.

‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is a famous 1943 song, written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, which was also reworked by Frank Sinatra and – as expected- has been sung by a range of artists over the years. Jesse Lynn Madera’s version of the classical song is astonishing. With her deep voice and a beautiful string section Madera, fills the piano-driven song with emotion. Naturally, the arrangement points to an American musical or a classical film.

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Our warmest wishes to everyone!

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