“Venture Atlas” that was born in traveling | Interview with Will Brahm

Will Brahm discusses his new album ‘Venture Atlas’, his travelling experiences that became a rich source of creativity and a few words about his new promising work and self. Read our interview below!

  • Describe your sound in three words please!

Organic, melodic driven, genuine

  • You have released a new album, titled ‘Venture Atlas’. How would you introduce it to the audience?

I wrote the music for “Venture Atlas” while touring and traveling between the United States, Spain, and Turkey. Traveling and living in other countries is such a muse for me emotionally and artistically that it’s almost impossible for me NOT to want to document my time and travels though music. I recorded the album with my acoustic ensemble in 2019 and have since continued to travel and tour playing the music throughout Europe. I believe that “Venture Atlas” that was born in traveling and that resonates and lives in traveling, sharing it with new audiences around the world.

  • Which song of the album represents you the most?

Each song has a different “piece” of me but I think that “Walking in Karakoy” is the best representation of me. The song has a melodic overtone but underneath that there is a lot of dynamic and rhythmic “unrest” and action that I feel represents my determination to explore and find new parts of myself. And, the song is really fun to play of course.

  • You have toured extensively across the USA, in the Philippines, Malaysia and half of Europe. Any stories or reflections you’d like to share with us?

My month long tour throughout Europe in Fall 2019 was the most special tour to date. I played shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, explored Paris and Rome, continuing to play more shows in Greece and Turkey. It was a month long period for me to be living inside my music, learning and writing new music, exploring new places and things, and to connect with new musicians. It was by far the best month of my life so far.

  • What is your favourite album of the past year?

“Wonderbloom” by Becca Stevens is an amazing album that was released in March 2020. I love her voice, song writing, and blend of acoustic and electric instruments, along with jazz and R&B. I feel she is on a high point in her career and has developed a style all her own.

  • So far you have led a creative and successful musical career with scholarships and great collabs. Do you think you have had your 15 minutes of fame yet?

I don’t think that I have had those magical 15 minutes yet but honestly I don’t want to be aware when I may have them (if ever). I want to focus on “what’s next” and learn from my past and the people around me. I don’t know what 15 minutes of instrumental guitarist composer fame would look like today anyway! Ha.

Who is your favourite Guitarist?

I have so many influences but as an overall role model across multiple dimensions including musicianship, innovation, creativity, diversity, forward movement and evolution: Pat Metheny. A true artist and a true force beyond any of our time.

How will you spend NYE?

NOT gigging this year (Laughs) but happily with some close family in Los Angeles and with thoughts on my new album “In Dreams” that I will begin recording in January 2020.

One thing that not many people know about you is…

I’m fascinated with world history and often compare my period in time to the whole scope of the world’s huge history which I think helps give me bigger perspective both on the life choices I make and the type of music that I want to manifest.

Thank you Will!

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