Nate Wonder, Roman GianArthur – Opening | Antebellum [Review]

Deep inside, the vast majority of composers have flirted with the idea of film scoring. It’s not always about the money and the fame. It’s the state of being allowed to do what you want to do,  the creative freedom the film composer enjoys. Certainly the film composer does not work alone. They compose someone else’s vision while working closely with directors, writers and producers. But still, the final outcome, the music score, is a genre that by default allows the film composer to experiment and go beyond the standard. Antebellum is an upcoming American horror thriller film written and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. In the 7 minutes long opening track the listener experiences a state of prolonged tension. Performed solely with strings, the continuous theme sets the mood by establishing vividly the emotional content of the film scenes. The movie may not be out yet, but it’s score has already impressed us.

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