An Interview with Jon Rooks

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Black Eyed Soul

  • You play numerous gigs per year. What do you enjoy most? Writing music or performing your music live?

I love to perform good songs, sometimes those songs are mine. That makes me want to write more and better.

  • What is the most bizarre venue/location you have ever performed? Can you share something funny that happened during one of your gigs?

I used to do a lot of street shows everywhere from subway stops to beach strips and alleyways which probably counts as the most unorthodox venues if not bizarre. I’ve been through all kinds of craziness playing shows from being mugged to drunks grabbing my mic or instrument or girls (sometimes guys) being way too handsy. It’s a crazy world, and it seems par for the course especially this year.

  • Can music be used effectively as a form of protest?

I think art has an ability to have a conversation with your heart and emotions that you can’t get through to with reason. Very often we fall in love with what’s true and beautiful before we understand good reasons to do so.

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I think sometimes in a sea of noise it’s hard to truly appreciate or give anything the time it takes to know when something is worth your time. When everything is screaming for your attention, it’s difficult to focus on what really matters. I don’t think most people have the focused attention to hear anything but the loudest voice in the crowd, and I fear true beauty is softly whispering in the corner.

  • What is your favorite album of the past year?

My favorite album is probably Anderson Paak’s Ventura

  • What is your favorite dish to make or eat?

I would consider myself a foodie and love to go to restaurants and try the most exotic foods, but my favorite food to this day to my own embarrassment is my mom’s Beanie Weanie’s with cheese.

  • One last thing we should know about you?

I’m the kind of guy who corners you at a party and tells you everything I’ve been pondering about the world and the books I’ve read. I fear this ends up being torture or elation depending on who it is, and I’m not always good at reading the situation. Anyway, you’ve been warned lol.

  • Thank you!

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