Kenichiro Suehiro – Antinomy [Review]

Have you ever listened to a soundtrack theme that it was so good that you urgently needed to watch the film? “Antinomy” is exactly that. 

In the first part of the piece, an exceptional melody that will hunt you for days, is presented using a crystal clear, melancholic piano tone, while the sound design only adds to the mournful atmosphere. After that there is a build-up of musical intensity, a beautiful ambience which displays a remarkable mastery and makes the listener wondering what’s next. At the third part of the song the main theme returns, this time presented with a richer orchestration with the use of strings.  Wish it was even more extended, know what I mean?

Kenichiro Suehiro is a Japanese composer and arranger famous for his works in anime series, television dramas, and movies including “Fire Force” , “Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World-”, “Miss Sherlock” and  “Daisho, The Price”. Make sure you listen to more of his works.

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