Smotherly Love – Less Shoulders More Coping [Review]

If I was asked to come up with a video clip for ‘Less Shoulders, More Coping’, that would be the following: Sam Master on a Sunday morning standing inside a church, dressed in all white. Just imagine: He is the priest and he is singing to the gathered flock who is moving rhythmically left and right, following his sermon. Think about it, the vocals bring out something beautifully painful and the lyrics are deep, like a good old parable. The lights are dim, only a few rays of sun have been able to penetrate the heraldic glass of this suburban church. Mellow detuned guitars, an organ which works as a glue in the background, the multidimensional orchestration, all creating a purely atmospheric scenery.

This is not a song that you will hear in a bar sliding indifferently between other hits of the month. With its skillful mixing of the genres ranging from jazz to trip hop and psychedelia, this is a track that cannot go unnoticed.

Less Shoulders, More Coping, is Sam Master’s first single, but now that the UK – based artist has offered us something of such exquisite quality, the bar is high. If music is the religion, then this song has definitely fulfilled its prophecy!

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