Catercorner – Catercorner [Review]

It was 1995. The Prodigy were playing a sold out show in an open air venue when all of a sudden, people who were not into Electronika entered the venue and started throwing rocks. The band had to leave the stage. But this was 25 years ago. The prodigy did gain respect and even headlined rock oriented festivals like Download Festival. But for some people, the question still remains. Can you mix different genres with different esthetics and produce something that is acceptable from both audiences? 

The answer, for us, is simple. You should not care in the first place. Music is not about acceptance. 

Catercorner is a solo project of James Sherwin. The self titled ep of the London based musician is clearly influenced by his experience in the metal scene. Epic guitar riffs and melodies that never turn to the easiest resolution. Expressive vocals followed by aggressive growls. Complicated rhythm sections. The standard metal pattern someone would think. Not really.  Catercorner is this kind of artist who is unafraid to push the boundaries of the genre. So imagine all these above mixed with frenzy breakcore drums loops. Organic, live, overdrive guitars blended with programmable drum machines. Creativity at its best.

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