Ireesh Lal – Mvmt VI: Third Eye Chakra [Review]

There is good fusion music, there is excellent fusion music, and then there is Ireesh Lal. 

“Mvmt VI: Third Eye Chakra” is a new track from the California based multi-instrumentalist that is part of his new album “Journey Through the Chakras”. The instrumental track combines sitar, tabla, bass and electronics while the trumpet, as expected, takes the lead. The piece incorporates global influences by integrating exotic East Indian elements while at the same time the trumpet lines are linked to the classic, trumpet-led, jazz sound. This will be appreciated by any jazz enthusiast, by any person who can appreciate this irresistible indian spiced groove, but it will also make an impact to electronic music listeners who want to try something different and unique.

Watch the exciting video below featuring a live painting by Norton Wisdom.

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