Stevie Zita – Indigo [Review]

The sun is about to go down and you are strolling around a theme park. Iced lollies in that young couple’s hands, fireworks and the children’s voices from afar. This is the scenery I have created to echo the super sweet and nostalgic voice of Canadian producer, Stevie Zita in his latest song, Indigo. A very atmospheric track of just 3 minutes and 8 seconds, where the great detuned guitars, the ambient synth pads, the soft drum beat and the expressive vocals are reaching your ears so smoothly as stroking a cat would feel. Imagine Nick Hakim mixed with Jamie Isaac in a track produced by Yellow Days. Turn up the volume and hop on a ride. Do not worry, you still have time. The night is indigo sky and I promise it will be fly!

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