ViLLAGE – Nex2Me [Review]

Nex2Me is the new single by the Romanian artist Valentin Dragomir aka ViLLAGE. The base of the track consists of a techno flavoured mid bass line, mixed with a rich drum section with multiple layers of snares and claps, in a house groove with UK garage elements. Then there are some euphoric melodic pads that accompany the filtered vocal loop and the synth arpeggios. The chord progression, that is beautifully minimal and original, creates a pristine feeling in the listener. That is the charm of this genre. You may be wondering whether this music will survive. You are sick of these festival bangers. You are so tired of all these soulless big drops.  And the next moment, as if by magic, you hit play (unfortunately not on that vinyl player you used to do) and you already dance with this song, with a big smile, proving to yourself (who cares what other people think) that there will always be space in your heart for some undiluted, pure, organic house music.

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