‘Phase’ by Boring Lauren.

Boring Lauren blends her Art Pop with minimal electronics prooving that in most cases Beauty lies in Simplicity.

File next to: Emika

  • Please introduce yourself 

Boring Lauren is anything but. Raised by a pack of wolves in the vanilla mines of
Tahiti, she has a keen sense of sweetness with a toughness that rivals any cowhide this
side of the Mississippi. Picture a brand new, sustainably sourced electric car. Now
picture a bed of nails. Exactly.

  • Describe your sound in 3 words

Dark Art Pop

  • What is your creative process? For example, at your track “Paranoiac”, Debussy’s Clair De Lune comes brilliantly out of nowhere. Did you build this track knowing in advance that you want to use this melody? Or that came later?

“Paranoiac” was a track that I felt like I finished instantly, yet went back
and nitpicked for months. One of those edits was deciding to have the chorus as
minimalistic as possible. It was only after this decision that Debussy’s Clair De Lune
came to mind (one of my friends actually suggested using it or something similar), it
seemed to help set the scene for wandering around outside at night, which is what the
track is mainly about. It seemed like a perfect contrast from the rest of the song for a
breakdown section.

  • There is a clear focus on the production part in your music. Which producer’s sound do you admire most?

There are so many different amazing producers it’s hard to pick. Tycho, Mura
Masa, Perfume Genius, and Flume are some of my favorites. My first EP was very
minimalistic and soundscape oriented, which I think pushes it closer to work done by
The XX or Jon Hopkins. Some of my tracks coming out in the future might sound closer
to Phantogram’s work, I really love their distorted drum and bass energy.

  • When it comes to live perfomance, is realistically Electronika a genre that can be performed live?  

Electronika is definitely a difficult genre to perform live. I think what makes it so
tricky is so many of the sounds used are so specific to each track and therefore hard to
replicate for a live audience easily, — without relying on backing tracks. It’s really very
different from making music in your bedroom. One of my goals for Boring Lauren is to
make a live show that is interesting and captivating for an audience. I think that’s my
next big challenge to tackle as an artist.

  • If you had to choose one Synthesizer (analog or digital) which one would it be?

Ableton’s ‘wavetable’ is one of my favorite digital synthesizers to play with. For
something more controllable and hands on I’d have to go with Massive — the sound
possibilities are infinite. One day I hope to upgrade to analog synthesizers.

  • Should we expect a full album? Do people still listen to full albums?

An album is definitely in the works. I love to listen to full albums, so hopefully
mine ends up being something you can put on and listen to all the way through.

  • If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be? 

I think that every industry has its good and bad sides. I’m not sure I’ve quite
entered the ‘industry’ as we know it, yet. I do wish it was easier for unknown artists to
find a true platform — I think there’s tons of undiscovered talent out there.

  • One last thing we should know about you?

Thank you so much for reaching out 🙂

  • Thanks Boring Lauren!
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