4 Londoners that Drive the Neo Soul sound with their Debut Albums.

Royce Wood Junior

‘The Ashen Tang’ by Royce Wood Junior had everything. Dreamy melodies, wonky beats, superb arrangements and great atmophere.

Our favourite track: Rover
Best Melody: Midas Palm
Coolest beat: Nuther Bruther

Clarence Clarity

Really weird rnb and broken beats. ‘No Now’ by Clarence Clarity.

Our favourite track: Buck-Toothed Particle Smashers
Best Riff: Those who can’t, Cheat
Voc Loop: Meadow Hopping, Traffic stopding, Death splash


Eliza’s debut album was a suprice for everyone that knew here from flume’s classic remix on “You & me”. A solid soul album with minimal arangements.

Best Groove: Game

Bruno Major

Bruno Major wrote “A song for every moon”. With Randy Newman whispering him the melodies.

Favourite track: Places we won’t walk

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