‘Self-aware dark pop’ | Interview with Drew Now

You don’t know how to touch me unless it’s pornographic.
Drew Now has unveiled her most recent dark pop ballad that deals with the topic of expression of intimacy within relationships. We anticipate that this track will resonate with the audience, as reflected in our conversation below.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Self-aware dark pop

Tell us a few things about Pornographic. What is the main idea behind it?

I’m in an overly sexualized industry and I’m aware of the ways that I play into this. Sometimes there is this tangible feeling that I personally hate when I realize I am not being perceived as a person, but as the “girl that they watched last night on their phone to get off”. I didn’t know how to properly express this in words, but I felt increasingly compelled to open a conversation about what is typically a taboo subject. Porn is the elephant in a lot of rooms and it affects us all. I’m not a psychologist or a sociologist, but I do have an opinion based on what I’ve observed and even experienced in the dating world and I started to realize most of my friends felt the same. I brought the idea for Pornographic into a writing session and was thankful to be taken seriously. During the creative process a lot of honest conversation took place and the song came to life in a way that can break the ice and reduce the awkwardness. I’m honoured that Pornographic was co-written with Nashville based songwriters David Quinones and Frank Famous with final mix and production by fellow Canadian Joël Bruyère.

How can pornography use impact a couple’s intimacy?

The intent of my song is not to vilify all pornography or shame anyone. There are lots of opinions out there about the pros and cons of this industry. But I did want to start a simple conversation that certain types of porn create unrealistic expectations in relationships and intimacy. This is where the line, “You don’t know how to touch me unless it’s pornographic, you don’t know how to love me unless you’ve seen it happen,” originates.

What do you hope listeners take away from the song?

I hope that my vulnerability will resonate with listeners and encourage them to do what they need to do to feel heard and seen in their own situations. I hope lyrics like “It’s never just a hug, never just a kiss, working hard to get me naked,” provides the freedom to initiate some really important conversations about intimacy.

Who are artists and people that have influenced you?

Sabrina Carpenter, because her lyrics are incredibly specific and when I am listening to her songs I feel like I am listening to a friend tell a story about a guy she loves. She has effectively bridged the line between comfy girl chat and music. I just saw Sabrina in concert in Nashville and was so moved by how she engaged the whole audience.

I also love RAYE. A long time ago someone told me I put too many lyrics into my music. RAYE has effectively proven that “the more the merrier” works. I am incredibly inspired by her most recent album “My 21st Century Blues”.
Lisa Ling has been inspiring my songwriting for years now. She is a talented journalist with her own show on CNN called “This is LIfe”. Lisa has a knack for getting to the depth of things and I feel like I have been taking her interviewing philosophy into my music.

A song you are convinced was written about you?

Holly Humberstone “Can you afford to lose me?”

What isn’t a crime but should be?

Reality TV Non-disclosure Agreements. (We can talk about this sometime! A little known fact about me is I sang four of my original songs for Simon Cowell!)

Did you retain any memories of the songs you heard at church that served as a catalyst for your songwriting from a young age?

Something about a lot of voices singing the same song at church feels almost primal- that we were born for this. No one really likes to sing alone. That’s why everyone gets so excited at a concert when they know your songs and lyrics already and can join in! I particularly loved the harmonies in worship music when I was a child, and many of my songs include church-like choral backdrops.

Thank you!

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