Sahana Naresh – Vaari Vaari [Review]

Sahana Naresh is a talented Indie singer/songwriter who is currently splitting her time between Seattle and Chennai while pursuing her musical aspirations. Her latest release, “Vaari Vaari”, is an exceptional musical blend that merges classical Hindustani vocals with electronic elements, a production that brings sacred sounds to the dancefloor.  The track’s foundation is built on a dynamic dnb-infused groove, which provides a pulsating rhythm for the song’s various elements to coalesce around. The most remarkable aspect of the track is the seamless transition from the colourful classical Hindustani vocals to the future bass flavoured vocal chops in the chorus. This fusion of different styles and genres creates a magical effect that captivates the listener’s attention from start to finish.

“Vaari Vaari” is a unique electronic track that seamlessly blends Indian flavour and spice into its sound, making it perfect for those who enjoy exploring new musical territories. 

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