‘(very) alternative rock ‘ | Interview with Loving Backwards

Loving Backwards is a project led by composer, guitarist, and vocalist Or Izekson. “Drinking Stone,” the 3rd single from their upcoming debut album, is a trippy, amalgamation of harmonies. Read our discussion below!

Describe your sound in 3 words

(very) alternative rock

Tell us a few things about Drinking Stone and your upcoming album Rubbish Twilights. What is the main idea behind it?

Drinking Stone is a song that was written in Utrecht, Netherlands, under the influence, so to speak. It sort of Undeliberately shifts between various harmonic structures & evolving melody lines. The lyrics deal with a need to “carry on” without ever fully accomplishing it.

If there is an idea behind the making of Rubbish Twilights, it must be the objective of creating a kind of sound that sort of combines raw elements of psych-rock, mainly that of UK in the early 70s, with a more modern, direct approach towards sound design. Part of it, in our eyes, is giving ourselves absolute freedom in doing whatever we feel like in terms of un-routine arrangements and weird song structures while keeping the songs themselves pretty short.

How do you ensure that the essence and feeling of tracks that should have been eight-minute long compositions are captured in shorter versions?

Not giving up on musical ideas no matter the so-called “cost”. These are not even shorter versions of songs that were longer on a previous version. We never found ourselves saying: ok, now let’s shorten this song. It’s just short songs that sometimes feel longer because they’re packed with musical ideas, and not in a “prog” kind of way. Or at least that’s what we hope…

A spaceship from a far away galaxy visits us tomorrow and wants to learn what psychedelia is. What makes a song psychedelic?

It’s no doubt that the definition is overused. In my mind, a song that is “psychedelic” is a song that holds surprises and which is unpredictable. In that aspect, some classical music pieces are most definitely psychedelic.

Favorite album of the past 3 years?

Department of Eagles – The Cold Nose. My god they’re brilliant.

What is the story behind your name?

Loving the past, I guess, or loving not how love wants you to.

What isn’t a crime but should be?


What book or series did you wish you could live in?

Stanislav Lem’s “Solaris” always captured my imagination. I’d like to visit that planet sometime

Thank you!

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