Röyksopp’s live at Troxy, London

Date: Sun 19 Feb 2023
Venue: Troxy, London,UK
Doors: 7:00 pm
Curfew: 11:00 pm
Line Up:
Henry Saiz

Röyksopp’s influence on the electronic music scene cannot be overstated. But what about their live performances? Are they any good?

Röyksopp’s latest performance at Troxy was a mixed bag. While their signature sound was crystal clear, their approach to live performance felt somewhat dated. The heavy use of drum pads and synthwave drum machines didn’t quite translate into a captivating live show. It’s worth noting, however, that this is to be expected given the nature of their music which relies heavily on post-processing.

Unlike other electronic bands that often feature live vocalists or frontmen, Röyksopp chose to incorporate dancers into their set. While this was an interesting departure from the norm, it ultimately fell short of expectations. The performance didn’t quite come together as cohesively as one would hope, leaving something to be desired.All in all, Röyksopp’s influence on the electronic music scene cannot be overstated. However, their latest gig left something to be desired. Their music seems to be more fitting for a DJ set than a live performance.


  1. Impossible
  2. This Time, This Place…
  3. The Girl and the Robot
  4. Here She Comes Again
  5. Monument
  6. Speed King
  7. Oh, Lover
  8. Unity
  9. You Don’t Have a Clue
  10. Control
  11. Breathe
  12. Running to the Sea
  13. What Else Is There?
  14. Never Ever
  15. Sordid Affair
  16. I Had This Thing
  17. Feel It
  18. Do It Again
  19. Like An Old Dog

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