Dirty Dancing | Dominion Theatre | London

Dirty Dancing is a classic film. But what about this musical adaption? Is it any good?

Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage takes us back to the summer of 1963 and follows the story of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman as she learns about life and love through the power of dance. The show features an impressive line-up of hit songs from the movie soundtrack, including ‘Hungry Eyes’, ‘Hey! Baby’, ‘Do You Love Me?’, and the iconic ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’. The music is seamlessly blended with live performances by the talented cast, featuring classic tracks from renowned artists such as Solomon Burke, Bruce Channel, and Otis Redding.

The script stays true to the original film and the singing and comedic moments are enjoyable. The performance is well-received by the audience, with everyone giving a standing ovation to the cast. The theater props, background, and overall set design could have been improved as they appeared to be low-budget and lacking in detail. Having said that, the lack of effort in setting the scene can be somewhat disappointing for viewers.

In addition, the Texan accent used by Jonny, the resort dance instructor, can sound a bit odd at times. Despite these shortcomings, Dirty Dancing is an entertaining show that captures the spirit of the original film and is sure to have audiences tapping their feet and singing along to the classic tunes.

Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story On Stage
Venue: Dominion Theatre
Our rate: 2/5

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