Coely – Fruit Of Bantu (feat. Shaka Shams) [Review]

Black face, black traits, black forever
Black lips, black hips, black forever

Coely’s latest offering Fruit Of Bantu is divided into four sections: the first features a rap without any accompanying beat, the second creates a tense atmosphere which also serves as a dramatic conclusion to the song, and the third includes a dynamic drop with a classic, trap-influenced beat that sounds rich and textured. In the initial parts, Coely’s wavey vocals take center stage, while the third section is propelled by the effortless flow of featured artist Shaka Shams, adding an additional layer to the song. Throughout the track, a single melodic riff can be heard, giving the instrumental a cohesive feel. The song is brimming with raw energy and intensity and the percussion’s richness only amplifies this effect.
Made in the underground, but see how the pavements are shaking?

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